Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Angry Rant - Don't love your job, then leave it

I just received this in my mail

7 Reasons to work in IT

  1. I hated sleep.
  2. I had enjoyed life enough.
  3. I couldn't live without tension.
  4. I wanted to pay for my sins.
  5. I believed in Bhagwad Geetha principle : "Karm Karo, Phal ki chinta mat karo"
  6. Everything in life has a reason, i wanted to prove it wrong.
  7. I wanted to take revenge on myself.

My anger is not solely focused on the above mail. I recently took interview for couple of guys and i can only say the quality of knowledge in so called programmers are even worse than what i was 2 yrs back. Do your job not for money but for the love of it. I love programming which is why i have been able to survive in this industry for 7 long years. If you think programming is a drag then either you are in the wrong industry or your junior or superior is in the wrong industry. I have worked only in two companies, where i have been lucky to get mentors who love what they and not keeping bitching about the job like this. Every single job invented by man has pressure and stress, you expect to get paid high yet you are not ready to compensate for that package. I mean, c'mon people, how bad can it get, try being a Chartered Accountant or a maybe something like a Traffic Police, then you would really understand the value of being software professional. We get paid good amount for sitting on our assess and writing some line in a ever changing world of technology while our brother and sister's in the military get paid measly amount for putting their life at stake. If you are not ready to put in the needed amount of commitment, dedication in your work, stop bitching about it and GET THE HELL OUT OF THE LINE OF WORK. You make others , people who really love what they do, look bad, dammit.

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Friday, September 05, 2008

First WPF App - NutPad++

Well other than the funny name, nothing about this little app is even remotely funny. I have been telling myself to learn WPF for sometime now and for me the best way to learn any language is to create a small application. I just completed the basic skeleton of application that i am modeling after notepad and notepad++. Here is a screenshot of the app


Nothing fancy, just a menuitem, a rich text box and a status bar. I will be first creating a simple notepad like application and then move to bigger thing’s like implementing MDI (its SDI for now). Stay tuned to this blog for more updates on my journey in the WPF forest ;-).

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

India’s Real Heroes

How many more lives are we going to lose before we realize war is futile. A salute to the real heroes of India who fight and lose their life for our better tomorrow. I can only hope, we make them proud by making sure India becomes the best in any and every industry.

Lt. Saurabh Kalia
Capt.Vikram Batra, Param Vir Chakra (Posthumous)
Grenadiers, Yogendra Singh
Param Vir Chakra
RFN .Sanjay Kumar
(Param Vir Chakra)
Major Padmapani Acharya,
Maha Vir Chakra (Posthumous) Of the 2nd Battalion of the RAJPUTANA RIFLES
Lieutenant Balwan Singh,
Maha Vir Chakra of the 18th Battalion of GRENADIERS Regiment
Major M Saravanan,
VirChakra, 1 Bihar
Lieutenant Kanad Bhattacharya,
Sena Medal (Posthumous) (22 YEARS)
Captain Saju Cherian,
Sena Medal, 307 Medium Regiment
Lieutenant Keishing Clifford Nangrum,
Maha Vir Chakra (Posthumous) of the 12th Battalion of JAMMU AND KASHMIR Light Infantry
Captain R Jerry Prem Raj,
Vir Chakra (Posthumous) , 158 Medium Regiment
Major Sonam Wangchuk,
Maha Vir Chakra of the LADAKH Scouts
Officers & Jawans from the 2nd Rajputana Rifles pray before going into battle, to get back Tololing Top. Behind the Jawans in the foreground (with a 5.56mm INSAS rifle) is Captain Vijayant Thapar
http://www.captainv ijyantthapar. com/ . His face is partly hidden and is seen sporting a beard. Lieutenant Thapar laid down his life, in the capture of Tololing Top and was awarded the Vir Chakra posthumously for his valor.
Major Padmapani Acharya, 2nd Rajputana Rifles, leads his men into battle after the successful capture of Tololing Top. The2 Raj. Rifles' next assignment was to capture the Knoll mountain feature in the Black Rock area, which is in the Drass sub-sector. It was here, that Major Acharya laid down his life in the highest traditions of the Indian Army on 29
June 1999. He was awarded the Maha Vir Chakra, posthumously .

Making the way through narrow valley
The Leh-Batalik road is as notorious as the Srinagar-Kargil road. At its beginning lie staging areas, at its end fierce fighting and often, death. Jawans patrol the rugged slopes near Batalik. For them, there is little time for rest and little time to think, always poised on the edge of action.
Capt.Vijayant Thapar (Robin)
He laid down for OUR BETTER TOMORROW At the age of only 22

His Last Letter to his parents

Moments before the final assault Capt. Vijyant Thapar (Robin) left this letter at the war front base, to be handed over to his family
Jawans from the 2nd Rajputana Rifles, remember their 23 comrades who fell in the decisive battle for the Tololing Top. The battalion earned four Maha Vir Chakras, one of India 's highest medals for gallantry, three of them being awarded posthumously.
Captain (Dr.) Rajshree Gupta, Army Medical Corps (AMC), salutes the tricolour-draped coffin of her husband, Major Vivek Gupta of the 2nd Rajputana Rifles, who died fighting the enemies.

Lets Tribute this Independence day for those heroes who left their life and live their life for the nation.

Please don't wish 'Happy Independence’ day to anyone, just tell to remember those heroes and to salute them while listening our national anthem.

And say... "JAI HIND”, be proud to be an Indian.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Everbody Hurt’s - Beautiful Song

When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone,
When you're sure you've had enough of this life, well hang on.
Don't let yourself go, everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes.

Sometimes everything is wrong. Now it's time to sing along.
When your day is night alone, (hold on, hold on)
If you feel like letting go, (hold on)
When you think you've had too much of this life, well hang on.

Everybody hurts. Take comfort in your friends.
Everybody hurts. Don't throw your hand. Oh, no. Don't throw your hand.
If you feel like you're alone, no, no, no, you are not alone

If you're on your own in this life, the days and nights are long,
When you think you've had too much of this life to hang on.

Well, everybody hurts sometimes,
Everybody cries. And everybody hurts sometimes.
And everybody hurts sometimes. So, hold on, hold on.
Hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on.

One of the most wonderful songs i have heard in my life. Just when one want’s to give up, this songs is sure to pep them up. Btw Mrs Wierd, my cirticism was aimed at not to discourage or undermine your decision making powers or undermine you, but to a healthy discussion we could have had. Anyways, another song for you

In every way, we are still going strong
so glad that you came along,
you’re still beautiful to me, In everyway

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Google Template Hacked Or is it just Me !!!

This is a Google template i am using.

Template Image

See the mating image there. It seems to come only in that template. One other aspect of this hacking was, i was using ShareAPic service for hosting my images and putting the thumb nail links here. But two of those images had been replaced with some obscene images. The screens i took was a the image of the whole page and so it is kinda very big image not in size (kb) but in height (pixels). You can the download the file from RapidShare. I uploaded it to rapidshare because i don’t have accounts to any other file uploading websites. Once i get hold a free provider i will change the link.

On a side note, ScribeFire didn’t really help when it came to replace these images in the Review. I had to go back to Windows Live Writer. Ok i gotta go now, gotta change the template and the ad settings. See ya later !!

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